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1. Use of cookies on

Cookies are small text files that get transferred from our website and stored on your web browser when you browse our site. They give us basic usage information and also help us to improve our website.

We don’t use cookies to collect any personal data from you.

2. Types of cookies used on our website

  • 2.1 Necessary cookies
    Necessary cookies are used on our website to enable secure payments, from payment providers including PayPal, Stripe and Dekopay. Other necessary cookies enable us to distinguish between humans and bots, and to enable customers with accounts to log in.
  • 2.2. Preference cookies
    We use a preference cookie to identify if a visitor using our chat function has been on the site before.
  • 2.1 Statistics cookies
    We use statistics cookies to collect anonymous data that helps us to improve the website. These are predominantly Google Analytics cookies.
  • 2.4. Marketing cookies
    Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across a website, to provide more relevant advertising to each website user when they use other websites after their visit. Therefore our marketing cookies collect user data for the personalisation of ads, and these cookies may be used for personalised and non-personalised advertising served by Google Ads. Please see Google’s Privacy and Terms site for more information.

3. Managing cookies

To disable cookies from our website, you can amend the settings in your website browser (apart from necessary cookies).

However, by disabling cookies in your browser, you may render some of the functionality on our website (and other websites you visit) unusable and we make no guarantees as to the performance of our website when cookies are disabled.

If you’d like any more information on how we use cookies, please email