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Ford Ranger wheels: Buy from the 4×4 experts

4x4 Wheels

Buy steel or alloy wheels for your Ford Ranger from 4×4 Tyres, the UK’s leading 4×4 wheel and tyre specialist. At 4×4 Tyres, we offer a huge range of different wheel styles for every Ranger. We make our own wheels under our DV8 Works and Tuff Torque brands, to ensure you get the best choice and quality for your Ranger. And we also sell outstanding Ford Ranger alloy wheels from Hawke.

We sell wheels for all versions of the Ford Ranger, from the earlier Mazda-based models to the T6 platform from 2011-onwards.

Ford Ranger Wheels
A lifted Ranger T6 with wide arches and Tuff Torque Imitation Beadlock steel wheels

Ford Ranger wheel sizes

We offer Ford Ranger wheels in 16, 17, 18, 20 and 22 inch diameters and up to 10 inches wide. You can also choose from standard or wide offsets, meaning we have something for every application or look. With our expert advice and outstanding service, you can ensure you get the perfect fit for your vehicle, whether it’s standard or has modified suspension or wheel arches.

Great quality and value

Our Tuff Torque steel wheels enable you to enhance your Ranger from less than £80 per wheel. Tuff Torque wheels offer exceptional quality, using thick backplate steel and superb paint finishing. Exactly the same build quality and attention to detail goes into our DV8 Works alloy wheels, which offer exceptionally high load ratings for proper commercial work.

Ford Ranger alloy wheels
A DV8 Works custom Ranger with DV8 Works Armoured alloy wheels

Lifetime warranty

Our Tuff Torque and DV8 Works wheels come with a class-leading lifetime structural warranty, giving you peace of mind in tough conditions.

Design options

Ford Ranger wheels are available in a huge range of designs to perfectly suit the look of their vehicle. Our range of Hawke alloys includes 18, 20 and 22 inch diameters, and a range of contemporary styles.

If you prefer steel wheels for your Ranger, we stock Tuff Torque Modular steel wheels and our Imitation Beadlock wheels for a more aggressive look.

And our DV8 Works alloy wheels are perfect for vehicles like the Ranger. DV8 Works is our sister company, customising heavy-duty commercial vehicles with a range of unique features. We couldn’t find the wheels we wanted so we built our own. That’s why DV8 Works wheels combine stunning looks with outstanding built quality and very high 1200kg load ratings. This makes them equally at home on the street, off road, or on a building site.

Ford Ranger alloy wheel by DV8 Works
DV8 Works Edge alloy wheel for Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger wheel and tyre packages

If you’re looking for new tyres, or thinking of changing your wheel size, use our package builder to find your perfect combination. Our package builder takes wheel clearances into account, and not just hub fitments. This ensures you’ll only get wheel and tyre choices that are right for your vehicle. And if you’ve got a modified Ranger, we can show you options for this as well. Wheel and tyre packages are delivered to you assembled, balanced and ready to fit.

We’ve got the best range of Ranger wheels and tyres, backed up by the best advice to help you get the best wheels and tyres for your vehicle.

DV8 Works Edge alloy wheel for Ford Ranger
DV8 Works Edge wheel with Maxxis Bighorn MT tyres