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All terrain tyres: our top 5 recommendations for 2022

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There are a huge number of all terrain tyres on the market and finding the right one for your specific requirements might seem difficult. A decent all-terrain tyre should give you the compromise you’re looking for – that balance between on-road comfort, grip and handling and a level of ability off-road.

If you’re on the road 90% of the time but still need a tyre that can handle thick mud now and again, then you’re going to want something different to somebody who‘s off-roading every weekend but still needs reasonable road manners. This is why there are so many all-terrain tyres available. Fortunately, our experts are here to help you find the right tyre for your exact needs:

Falken Wildpeak All Terrain Tyres
Falken Wildpeak A/T tyres are a brilliant all-rounder and our pick for towing

Best all-terrain tyre for road use

Cooper Discoverer AT3 Sport 2 – Cooper is one of our best selling brands and for very good reason. Their excellent AT3 Sport 2 performs really well on the road, with all the attributes of a great road tyre: long tread life, excellent grip, and low noise. And when you need it there’s also brilliant off-road traction, even in mud. Choose from black or white lettering.

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Best all-terrain tyre for off-road use

General Grabber AT2 – For our money the Grabber AT2 from General Tire is still the best all-terrain tyre off road, giving plenty of grip on mud, sand and rocks. Its tread life is also very good, and on the road it’s still a very competent performer. Of course The Grabber AT2 won’t quite compete with a true mud terrain tyre when the going gets really tough, but then a mud terrain doesn’t drive as well as this on the road.

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Best all-terrain tyre for all-round use

General Grabber AT3 – The Grabber AT3 has a reputation as the best all-rounder for very good reason. It’s just about the best compromise tyre you can get between on-road comfort and seriously good off-road use. And General’s brilliant build quality gives you very decent tread life. Of course it has its limitations off-road like any all-terrain tyre does, but it’s certainly an amazing all-rounder.

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Best all-terrain tyre on a budget

Insa Turbo Ranger – If you haven’t heard of Insa Turbo, they’re a Spanish tyre manufacturer who only make remoulds. Their product quality is excellent, the tyres look great, and they have a huge range of tread patterns. We’ve chosen the Ranger as our best budget all-terrain tyre as you really get a lot of tyre for the money. The tread pattern is a well-proven design and off-road performance is pretty good.

If you’re still concerned about the quality of remould/retread tyres, check out our latest guide to remoulds here.

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Best all-terrain tyre for towing

Falken Wildpeak AT3WA – When you’re towing off-road, it’s easy to run out of traction on wet grass or mud even with a 4×4. If you can relate to this, we recommend Falken’s Wildpeak AT3WA. Its combination of excellent road manners, low road noise, brilliant grip and high load ratings make it perfect for towing on the road, and its off-road grip will keep you and your trailer on the move for longer than a lot of other AT tyres. Falken might not be the first name you think of for off-road tyres, but they make some seriously good tyres that are also very well priced.

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If you’re still looking for help and advice about your specific wheel and tyre needs, just get in touch with our expert team.