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Defender steel wheels: buy from the experts at 4×4 Tyres

4x4 Wheels

Buy steel wheels for your Defender from 4×4 Tyres, the UK’s leading 4×4 wheel and tyre specialist. At 4×4 tyres, we make our own wheels under our Tuff Torque and Challenger brands. We also sell Land Rover steel wheels produced by Kahn, one of the world’s top tuning houses.

Our Defender steel wheels will fit any Land Rover Series 2, 2A, 3, 90, 110, 130 or Defender model up to 2016. We even offer a steel wheel option for the ‘new’ Defender 2020-onwards.

Land Rover wheel sizes

We sell Land Rover Defender steel wheels in 15, 16, 17 and 18 inch diameters and up to 10 inches wide. You can choose from standard or wide offsets, meaning we have something for every application or look. With our expert advice and outstanding service, you can ensure you get the perfect fit for your vehicle, whether it’s standard or has modified suspension or wheel arches.

Great quality and value

Our Tuff Torque steel wheels enable you to enhance your Defender or Series Land Rover from less than £80 per wheel. Tuff Torque wheels offer exceptional quality, using thick backplate steel and superb paint finishing. Exactly the same build quality and attention to detail goes into our more extreme off-road Challenger steel wheels. Challengers are wider and have more negative offsets for a wider stance.

Land Rover steel wheel for Series and Defender: Tuff Torque Classic Tubeless
Tuff Torque Classic Tubeless steel wheels in 16×5.5, custom painted in Limestone

Lifetime warranty

Our Tuff Torque and Challenger wheels come with a class-leading lifetime structural warranty. This means you get great wheels, and peace of mind in tough conditions.

Challenger steel wheel for Defender
Wide offset Challenger steel wheels are a really popular fitment on modified Defenders

Classic Land Rover steel wheel designs

Kahn’s stunning take on the early Discovery 1 wheel in contemporary 16×9 size looks incredible on restored Series and Defender Land Rovers.

Our Tuff Torque Classic Tubeless steel wheel in traditional 16×5.5 gives the factory look but with the ability to accept modern tubeless tyres. Stick with the standard gloss black, or get them refinished in period-correct white or Limestone.

Our most popular steel wheel for any vehicle is the timeless Modular steel wheel in gloss black. This design suits a huge number of vehicles, and looks great on any Land Rover from Series 2 to late Defenders.

Defender steel wheel: Tuff Torque Modular in gloss black
Tuff Torque Modular steel wheel in gloss black

Great choice of colours

Our Tuff Torque Modular and 8-spoke wheels are available in gloss black, silver, anthracite, and retro white (of course with red and blue pinstriping). You can also paint your Defender steel wheels in a range of colours. Light Green/Pastel Green, white or Limestone are really popular choices for the heritage look.

2020 Defender steel wheels

Our Tuff Torque Imitation Beadlock steel wheel for 2020-onwards Defenders offers an aggressive look for under £200 per wheel. There are very few steel wheel options for the 2020 Defender on the market, especially at this price point and quality.

Defender steel wheels and tyres

If you’re looking for new tyres, or thinking of changing your wheel size, use our package builder to find your perfect combination. We’ve got the best range of Defender wheels and tyres, backed up by the best advice. We’ll help you get the best wheels and tyres for your vehicle.

Insa Turbo tyres with Challenger steel wheels – assembled, balanced and ready to fit