4×4 Budget Tyres: Our Recommendations For 2023

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Kris Sarabadu by Kris Sarabadu - updated Apr 12, 2024

With fuel prices at an all-time high, you might be tempted to put off buying new tyres that bit longer. Or you might compromise and maybe only buy two new tyres instead of a full set. If you do want or need a full set of new tyres for your 4×4 or SUV, there is a way you can still get decent tyres whilst managing your cash flow.

There are many budget 4×4 tyres options away from the top-end brands that can still provide excellent performance and long life. Of course, there’s a reason why BFG and Cooper are more expensive than other brands – you do generally get what you pay for with tyres. A top brand will give you the best performance, longest life, lower noise, and better fuel efficiency than budget brands, thanks to more investment in design and materials. If you want to stick to top brands, there are plenty of finance options available to help you spread the cost.

There is a lot of budget 4×4 tyres on the market and many of them simply aren’t worth considering, but at 4×4 Tyres, we do stock some low-cost tyres that we feel are a cut above the rest – giving you some of the performance and quality of the top brands without the price tag.

As the name suggests, mud terrain tyres are designed to cope with lots of mud in off-road conditions. If you spend most of your time on the road, these might not be the tyres for you, as they’ll be noisier, less fuel-efficient, and wear out more quickly than road-oriented tyres. But as soon as you take them off-road you’ll see what the fuss is about. Mud terrain tyres can be expensive, and many of our customers are happy to spend big to get the best tyres they possibly can, often using our finance options.

Comforser CF3000 mud terrain tyre with directional tread pattern

But you don’t have to spend top dollar to get great off-road performance

Best budget mud terrain tyre: Comforser CF3000 MT

The Comforser CF3000 MT is a great example of this. In spite of its relatively low price, a lot of R&D has gone into its tread pattern, setting it apart from budget competitors. Its directional tread clears mud extremely well and is a great alternative to most budget mud terrains with their similar blocky tread patterns. We really rate the Comforser range, which also includes a great all-terrain tyre.

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Comforser CF3000

An all-terrain tyre needs to be a great all-rounder – competent on the road, with good handling and braking, and not too noisy. It also needs to cope with off-roading on tracks, muddy fields, beaches, and so on. This is a pretty tall order, which is why many people invest in top-quality tyres.

Best budget all-terrain tyre: Giti AT71 all terrain tyre

We’ve got some very good budget all-terrain tyres though, that can do all of the above at a fraction of the price. Of course, there will be compromises compared to top brands, especially in tyre noise, tread life and overall performance, but you can still get a good budget AT tyre if you choose carefully. Our pick is the new Giti AT71. This only hit the European market recently (it’s from Singapore) but early reports are of very decent performance both on and off the road, a good range of sizes, and some good-looking white letter options. Naturally, expert advice is on hand. – just don’t ask us how to pronounce Giti. We’re going with Jee-Tee in view of them also making GT Radial tyres.

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BUDGET 4x4 TYRES - Giti 4x4 AT71

Best budget crossover off-road tyre: Radar Renegade R/T+ crossover tyre with neat detailing

There’s a great alternative to mud-terrain and all-terrain tyres that sits somewhere in between the two – so you get excellent off-road performance with more civilised road manners than a full mud terrain. The king of these crossover tyres is the Radar Renegade R/T+. From a pricing point of view, it sits just above entry level but is a truly awesome tyre with amazing performance and a huge range of size options. Road noise is kept to a minimum and traction is great both on and off the road. They also have a neat little design feature: a tiny skull and cross-pistons design on one side. This doesn’t do anything apart from looking cool, but sometimes that’s enough of a reason.

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Radar Renegade R/T+ Mud Terrain

Best budget road tyre: Runway Enduro HT road tyre with optional white lettering

There’s an awful lot of dross out there when it comes to low-cost road tyres. It really does pay to choose carefully and get advice from the experts. If you want the best-performing road tyres for your 4×4 or SUV, stick to a proven brand like Continental.

If you’re on a tight budget though, we recommend the Runway Enduro HT for road use. It comes in a variety of 16 sizes, and its performance is pretty good for a summer-rated road tyre. Unlike a lot of budget tyres, the Runway Enduro HT lasts well and is relatively quiet on the road.

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budget 4x4 tyre product named Enduro Runway HT White.

If you’re still looking for help and advice about your specific wheel and tyre needs, just get in touch with our expert team by email, chat or phone and we’ll be glad to help. get in touch with our pro team for expert advice.

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