Mud Terrain Tyres: Our Top 5 Recommendations For 2023

Expert mud terrain tyre advice from the Pro Team at 4x4 Tyres

Kris Sarabadu by Kris Sarabadu - updated Jul 12, 2024
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Mud terrain tyres obviously need to perform well in mud. But what about the rest of the time, when you’re not axle-deep in a bog? Mud terrains also need to perform in dry conditions, and to an extent, on the road. If you’re considering mud terrains, it’s important to think about where the majority of your driving will take place and how much you have to spend.

If cost and vehicle modifications are no object and you only care about mud performance, then some huge, aired-down Maxxis Trepadors are the best option. But of course, this isn’t always practical in the real world. Fortunately, our experts are here to help you find the best mud terrain tyres uk for your exact needs:

Best for thick mud: Insa Turbo Special Track

Insa Turbo Special Track – We think the best mud terrain tyre for pure mud is the Insa Turbo Special Track. As this is one of the cheapest tyres we sell, you can be confident that we don’t have an ulterior motive for saying this! The Special Track uses a directional tread pattern, so it sheds mud very easily, and its side lugs are really aggressive. Off-road racers swear by it as the performance is amazing and it won’t blow the season’s budget if any get damaged. And the reason it’s so cheap? Because Insa Turbo tyres are remoulded, and built to really high standards at their Spanish factory.

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Best tyre for rock: Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

In our opinion, Cooper’s Discoverer STT Pro is the best tyre to get you traction on rocky ground. When you’re driving on rocks, it’s not just traction that’s important – you also need to know that your tyres have good protection from rock rash. The Discoverer features an Armor-Tek sidewall design that really does give great protection from sidewall damage. There are also loads of sizes available with white lettering if that’s your taste.  You can find 265/75r16 mud terrain tyres here.

If you want to see this tyre in action, just click here to watch one of our customers put it through its paces.

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Best tyre for road use: Falken Wildpeak MT01

Falken tyres are a little bit of a best-kept secret in the 4×4 world. Their Wildpeak AT3WA all-terrain is our pick for the best towing tyre, and their Wildpeak MT01 mud terrain is also a seriously good bit of kit. First and foremost it’s great off-road thanks to its excellent mud and rock traction and its sidewall protection. And for road driving, the Wildpeak MT01 is our favourite mud terrain as it’s just about the quietest and best handling MT on the road. 

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Best tyre on a budget: Comforser CF3000

Chinese-made Comforser tyres are really decent quality for the money. The CF3000 features a directional tread pattern (tractor style) that really grips well in mud and sheds it easily. Considering the price point (they start at just over £110), tread life is also very good. Numerous size options are offered, including mud terrain tyres 265/75R16. 

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Comforser CF3000

Best all-rounder mud terrain tyre: BFGoodrich KM3

It might be a bit of a stretch to call any mud terrain tyre an all-rounder. There’s no doubt that compared to an all-terrain they’ll be better off-road but noisier and faster wearing on the road, with higher fuel consumption and less refined road manners. But if you really need mud terrains and want the best out there, the BFGoodrich KM3 is very hard to beat. The quality is excellent, the road performance is pretty good for an MT, and the off-road performance is of course amazing. You really do get what you pay for with BFG.

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BFGOODRICH KM3: The ultimate all-rounder.

If you’re still looking for help and advice about the best mud terrain tyres uk, just get in touch with our expert team by email, chat or phone and we’ll be glad to help. get in touch with our pro team for expert advice.

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