Continental Eco Contact 6 Fit the best tyre tech to your car

Eco-conscious driving made easy with Continental Eco Contact 6

The Continental Eco Contact 6 tyre is designed to help you drive more sustainably, without compromising on performance. Featuring advanced technologies and materials.

Miles more efficient

EcoContact 6 perfectly adapts to road conditions. It’s made of an advanced Green Chili 2.0 compound that reduces tyre wear enabling you to go further.

tyre and mileage counter on showing the Continental Eco Contact 6 is Miles more efficient

Tyres to reduce fuel consumption

With EcoContact 6 silica is an important ingredient in the tyre’s compound. This cuts the energy needed to rotate the tyre, reducing your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

a tyre and petrol a gage with a Continental Eco Contact 6 to show fuel consumption

Built-in control

With its tailor-made tread pattern including revolutionary asymmetric grooves, EcoContact 6 gives you maximum control in the wet and dry.

a tyre on wet conditions show off the Continental-Eco Contact 6 showing its Built in control

Technical highlights:

The new generation of Green Chili™ brings the newest and most advanced compounding technologies to the Eco tyre line:

Maximum fuel efficiency thanks to improved component geometry and efficient silica distribution.
The EcoContact™ 6 strikes an optimal balance between tyre size and component distribution. The high-tech compound provides robust connections between the silica and the rubber. This allows an optimal adaptation to varying road conditions, which ultimately improves the tyre’s rolling resistance and fuel consumption.

Enhanced mileage due to the new Green Chili™ 2.0 compound.
The advanced Green Chili™ 2.0 compound adapts to the road surface, which leads to a reduction in rubber loss throughout its life cycle. As a result, mileage is increased.

Optimised grip and handling experience.
The EcoContact™ 6 offers a tailor-made pattern, resulting in the best compromise between dry and wet performance. It further increases safety in handling situations such as lane changes. Due to its innovative asymmetric rib and sipe geometry, the tyre always keeps the contact with the road.

Continental Eco Contact 6