We’ve expanded our service offering to include fitting on the majority of our wheels and tyres. So as well as having the best wheel and tyre ranges, expert advice and a huge stock holding, you can now choose to have your new tyres, wheels or packages fitted by a specialist near you or delivered to your door.

The best products and advice, now with fitting near you

We have a network of wheel and tyre fitting specialists around the country to provide our new fitting service. Just select Fully Fitted when ordering and we’ll do the rest.

You can choose from specialist fitters near you, with a choice of fitting dates and flexible time slots. Or, thanks to our partnership with Halfords Mobile Expert, we can come to your home or workplace 7 days a week.

Tyres near me North of England

Unrivalled products, services and fitting options

We offer the best service in the industry, backed up by 5* review scores on both Trustpilot and Google. Our expert team always go the extra mile to offer you the best advice and recommendations, to make sure you get the best possible solution for your vehicle.

Our website and sales team will help you to make sure that the products you’ve chosen will fit your vehicle, and advise on any modifications required if you want to fit non-standard-sized items. So you can have peace of mind that your chosen wheels and tyres will fit your vehicle.

Prefer to fit yourself? No problem

When it comes to tyres, some individuals prefer to take matters into their own hands and choose to fit them themselves. This DIY approach to tyre installation allows for a hands-on experience and a sense of accomplishment for those who are mechanically inclined. Whether it’s out of a desire to save money or simply a personal preference, the option to fit your tyres is readily available. Fortunately, with the right tools, knowledge, and safety precautions, it can be a manageable task for those who feel confident in their abilities. For those who prefer to fit tyres themselves, there’s no problem – as long as safety and best practices are prioritized, self-installation can be a viable and satisfying option.

showing steel and alloy wheels package ready to fitted at the location Tyres near me North of England

4×4 tyres, we have a network of fitting locations nationwide, making it easy to find 4×4 tyres near you. Or you can choose to have them delivered fast and free* Choose us for expert advice and unbeatable service, and let us help you find the ideal 4×4 tyres to conquer any terrain.

Explore our five-star Trustpilot reviews and discover what our valued customers have to say about their experiences with us. Learn more

If you’re still looking for help and advice about your specific wheel and tyre needs, just get in touch with our expert team by email, chat or phone and we’ll be glad to help. get in touch with our pro team for expert advice.

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